code_library.common.image.remote_cam.get_remote_cam_image_metadata(image_name, strip_units=True)[source]
code_library.common.image.remote_cam.get_baropressures_from_image_folder(folder, strip_units=True)[source]

Gets the baropressures, datetimes, and sites, from all of the remote camera images in a folder, and creates a dict for each image with those data. Returns a list containing a dict for each image. image data keys are (‘site’,’datetime’,’baropressure’,’filename’) :param folder: a fully qualified path to a folder containing jpg images with remote-cam baropressures in the EXIF :return: list of dicts containing image data

code_library.common.image.remote_cam.baropressures_to_file(input_folder, output_file, strip_units=True)[source]

Obtains metadata for all of the remote camera images in an input folder, and writes it out to a csv :param input_folder: str The folder to get the images from :param output_file: str The file to write out to :param strip_units: boolean Whether or not to include units in the data elements that contain them. If True, units will removed from output. If False, they will be included. Default: True :return: None